Please Shop Local.

Support Baltimore's Jewish Local Businesses in this Time of Need

As the "COVID recovery" is now under way, our friends and neighbors, who comprise our community's local business owners, need YOU more than ever. Whether it is by walking in to shop, picking up curbside, ordering over the phone or online, or purchasing gift cards – please make sure that your first thought when making any purchase is at one of our local businesses.

Buy a gift card from your local business and make a significant difference in the lives of your friends and neighbors.

How does it work?

Buy a gift card. Use it later.

Buy a gift card.

Purchase a gift card today at the stores you already use. This will help them stay in business by providing immediate cash-flow.

Use it later.

These gift cards can be used any time throughout the next 12 months or beyond (terms and conditions are unique to retailer).

Click A Store Name

Then, a popup will appear with more information on how to purchase a card. Some stores allow you to purchase via a link, while others require you to call/email.

Also, some stores offer a discount. For example, if you purchase a $100 gift card, it will only cost you $80. If there is a discount avaliable, it will be noted on the store popup.

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Tizku L'mitzvos!

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